Admission Policy

Alhamdulillah, By The Grace of Allah Almighty, III‘s a quite unique n’ a devotional institution except professional so its way of admission’s quite different as compare to other religious or conventional institutions. The main goal of III is to set new trends, to present new n’ unique methodologies as well as results by constant research n’ practical work.  For this purpose, III doesn’t admit everyone  n’ there’s no admission on regular basis. III designs a new n’ unique project n’ select one (child, youngster, siblings, parents or a whole family) for it with a specific target from registered admission wishers. III works on a project only one time in a way for setting new n’ unique examples. There’re seven steps of getting admission that’re as under;

  1. Registration
  2. Exact Match
  3. Intro Meeting
  4. Entry Test
  5. Result
  6. Decision Time
  7. Final Admission