Salient Features

Let’s know about that salient features on which Islamic International Institute’s got this invaluable worth. By the grace of Allah Almighty, this institution’s presented its students very first time in all over the world as “Qranic Computer” rather than a simple Hafiz during their regular unique n’ matchless conventional education.

They may take exam in five different languages like Urdu, English, Arabic, Persian and Punjabi. They can tell 200 above info like; verse no, sub chapter or page no after asking a question about any single verse of The Holy Quran. If you think about or put your finger without speaking any word on any verse out of 6236, any page out of 610, any sub chapter out of 558, any chapter out of 114, any part out of 30 parts, any prostration out of 15 prostrations, any manzil out of 7 manzils, they’ll tell you its answer by asking 1-2 numerical signs.

You just show them the first or last word of any page, they’ll tell the page no at once. If you skip some pages before or after from any verse, they’ll tell you not only the first, mid or last verse no of coming page but also can tell 200 info about that verse like; page, part, chapter no and name etc, If Allah Almighty wills.